Anonymous Library

These writings are all available for free viewing and download on the open internet. However, different texts can be controversial, or even dangerous, depending on who or where your are. These are therefore placed here so that they can be anonymously accessed with Tor and no one can see that you came here or read any of these.

Because of the simple text format, it will be easy to search the entire document (such as the Koran or Bible) for occurences of any word or phrase. You can download these files and read them with any program that reads or writes text files. Your browser will also show you any of these if you simply click the link. The title of each should be enough description in most cases but a little more detail is available on the descriptions page.

The Koran
The Bible (King James)
New Testament
New Testament (Tyndale)

Discourse On Method by Rene Descartes
The Descent Of Man by Charles Darwin
The Origin Of the Species by Charles Darwin
Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
Wealth Of Nations by Adam Smith

US Emancipation - 1863
Universal Declaration Of Human Rights
Charter Of Rights - European Union
Rights of Women by Olympe De Gouges, 1791
Sex Not Gender by Elizabeth Hungerford
Social Feminism

Corporate Control Of Internet - Noam Chomsky
Anonymity And Encryption
Susan Sontag - New Yorker September 2001

Please note that although Tor can provide both privacy and anononymity, its efficacy is neither automatic nor absolute. The user needs to understand their own specific social, political, and technical situation and take responsibility for their own safety. Read more about Tor and anonymity here.

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